24 May, 2017

chargeNET Enters Luxury Apartment Market

24 May, 2017

Apartment Charging Solution

chargeNET, partners with 7th Sense luxury condominium, to offer Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solution as an amenity to their residents. The partnership focusses on augmenting the customer experience by offering EV charging facilities, to meet the demand of luxury EV users.  chargeNET charging zone located at 7th Sense, is exclusive for its residents, and is the first luxury apartment to introduce connected EV charging facility in Sri Lanka.


As the EV driving population grows in Sri Lanka, the country has witnessed an increase of over 1300% in EV vehicle registrations during the years 2013-2016. This substantial growth has proliferated service providers offering EV charging, forming a fragmented experience for EV users. To address this, a seamless and cost effective EV charging solution Is imperative, and chargeNET is geared to expand its services island wide to meet the anticipated demand through its smart EV charging network.

“We are turning our focus towards enabling the shift to e-mobility in more places around Sri Lanka, covering apartments, retail, hotels and public spaces and workplaces. We must be ready for the change that is inevitable, and EV users will look for convenience; where they live and wherever they go. chargeNET hopes to utilise the eco energy usage information to introduce sustainable policy controls, to regulate and minimize the carbon footprint of Sri Lanka, along with the government authorities.” stated chargeNET (Pvt) Ltd. Director, Dr. Beshan Kulapala.


chargeNET is the only connected EV charging solution offering both L2 and Fast Chargers for the convenience of the users. Powered by IoT technology for a seamless charging experience, building an ecosystem that works for EV users, as well as businesses is key. The company is accelerating the shift towards powering the future of mobility, at the rapid pace of growth expected.