24 May, 2017

Activate Online Top-ups via VISA, Master, AMEX with chargeNET

24 May, 2017

chargeNET Top-ups

With the emergence of convenient consumer trends, chargeNET announces the launch of pre-paid online charge card top-ups as a service enhancement to its network. chargeNET is the largest EV charging network in Sri Lanka, with more than 100 EV charge points.

All chargeNET users can now top-up their charge cards anytime, anywhere by logging in to the respective user accounts. The payment can be carried out by using VISA, Master and American Express Credit or debit cards. Further, in order to encourage cashless transactions, the pre-paid top up service is also available via online banking and mobile payment options for the convenience of its customers. This service can also be carried out by using a smart phone via the chargeNET application extended to Android and iOS devices.

chargeNET users can also download the chargeNET app on android or iOS devices for easy access and quick search results on the EV charging stations in and around the area. This application is easy to use and is a vital inclusion for all EV owners with exciting new benefits and incentives that will be introduced in the future through the network.

For EV users, the chargeNET network is an ideal integrated space to connect for all their EV requirements.  Locating a charging station, the type of charger, its availability and status checks are now just a click away. Mobile application is the best alternative to the chargeNET card because it has all the features such as start charge, top-ups, user balance, navigation through Google map to find nearby charging stations etc…   

By introducing the online easy pay option, we hope to offer simple solutions to save time spent on carrying out routine chores. The online charge card top-up will now enable the entire chargeNET network to operate seamlessly with cashless transactions.

No need to worry about travelling without cache. Just top-up and use.