chargNet Mobile App

Simplified, secure mobile App to use chargNET’s revolutionary features with ease. Customizable to localize the app to help customers in any region of the world.

  • Start/ Stop charging sessions securely
  •  Top-up and recharge account with integrated payment schemes
  •  Find out customer balance and costs incurred Realtime status of the chargers around you to help find the quickest, closest charging station available
  •  Map view with directions to get to your charging location with ease 
  • Track time, energy usage, and account balance in real-time
  • Promote your business with coupons, discounts and push notifications

Charging Management System

A complete end-to-end EV charging network with integrated payments, mobile app, smart card, remote monitoring, and accounting capabilities. Supporting multiple charging standards, with ОСРР 2.0.1 capability. chargeNET’s own in-house designed and manufactured EV chargers provide superior deep remote monitoring & access technology to simplify network management, enable remote preventive maintenance and reduce cost of operations.

Payment Schemes

Multiple payment schemes, including all major credit cards, payment integrators, and digital wallet services for ease of use. Capability to seamlessly integrate with any banking service for localization.

More Ways to Charge

Many ways to simplify EV charging for customers. Securely start a charging session using smart cards, mobile apps and remote access features. A versatile platform to easily integrate other local services that would seamlessly operate with chargeNET’s own EV chargers.

Cross sell

  • Use the EV charging service to promote your business and charging station location.
  • Use the integrated coupons and discounts features to cross sell and value add
  • For example 

• 25% discount of EV charging with $50 or more purchase from the store.

• Charge three times and receive 10% off your next vehicle service

• Buy two large coffees and get $3 off your EV charge session o Charge your vehicle for more than $50 and receive $10 off your in-store bill.


Invoicing and Accounting

  • Integrated billing feature simplifies operations and management
  • Provide customer invoices for charging stations
  • View latest revenues, profits and electricity usage of each charger with a click of a button
  • Monthly reimbursement of charging fees streamlined and automated
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